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Designer's Corner

Designer's Corner

Another edition of Euro-bijoux & Accessories and with it, yet another step forward in building the spirit of co-operation between European-wide fashion jewellery manufacturers and accessories.
Fruit of this co-operation is precisely the fact that this Fair the fitth Euro-bijoux Fair of those held in Minorca, is the sixth in the series overall.The fifth was held in Milan at the end of last October and was organized by Club Bi following an agreement signed between the Italian Association and Sebime, shortly after the closure of the May '97 edition.
When on January 29, I 994, and in the bosom of Unebif, Sebime took on the responsibility of promoting a Fair for the manufacturers and for European products, the aim was not to boost an isolated annual event but rather to consolidate a circuit which would provide for at least two Fairs a year with a common philosophy and a matching image. At that time, and in view of the Italian initiative to organize the other European event on the circuit in Milan, it was with great satisfaction that Sebime granted the Euro-bijoux name for free, in order to bolster that consolidation, and as patent proof of its spirit of cooperation. We are therefore opening this sixth edition happy and safe in the knowledge that we have accomplished our goals, and that we have honored our European commitment. Furthermore, we approach the event with a fresh desire to serve the exhibitors, this year on the basis of two main initiatives:
The first, and undoubtedly the most fundamental one, was the effort made during the year in order to achieve more and better quality visitors. There is no doubt that our Fair presents the best Europe has to offer He have sought to bring the best in world-wide demand, sparing no means or efforts whatsoever to do so. The second, this catalogue you have in your hands represents a first step which we hope will help you to get better acquainted with European fashion jewellery and accessories. Not only during the Fair, but also all the year round. Sebime, and let it be said in all due modesty albeit with great satisfaction, has done its bit. Now, with this welcome, it only remains for us to wish you good business at this sixth Euro-bijoux event .

Poima c/ Alqueria Cremada, s/n
07714 MAHON (Menorca)
tel: 34-971- 36 03 13
fax: 34-971- 36 05 66
E-mail : sebime@infotelecom .es

(European Fashion Jewellery Manufacturers' Union)


Es una encantadora isla Balear, mediterranea, donde el aire es limpio y trasparente, el blanco de sus casas se recorta sobre un cielo densamente azul. sus campos y ondulantes colinas ofrecen, al paso de las estaciones, ricas gamas de verdes, ocres, bermellones y dorados.


Con sus incomparablels playas -largas y abiertas o reconditas calas- de dorada arena, sus esplendidos puertos naturales, sus enigmaticos monumentos prehistoricos, sus gentes, su historia, su gastronomia, sus modernas instalaciones hoteleras y deportivas, su industria y artesania, sus fiestas populares, es una isla realmente insolita.


Es Todo Esto y Mucho Mas

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